Workplace Diversity

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Workplace Diversity As our economy becomes increasingly global, our workforce becomes increasingly diverse. Today, corporate structures are involved in globalizing. Markets and market shares are more dynamic, and the workplace is increasingly more integrated. Companies are now investing in diversity management as they are now managing a global workforce. However, with the education and training on diversity for both the employer and the employees, many workers believe that workplace bias against women, blacks, Asian Americans, Hispanics and homosexuals still exists. This paper seeks to prove that workplace discrimination against by gender; race, color and nation origin; Hispanics; and homosexuals indeed exist today.
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However they do have concerns that can affect their productivity. The stereotype as the “model minority” is a concern for many Asians today. This stereotype puts pressure on many Asians to uphold this belief in the work environment. As a result, many Asians may find it difficult to ask for help or admit weakness. Another concern that many Asian Americans have is that many individuals tend to group all Asians, assuming that they have the same values. According to the Census Bureau, individuals whom are Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, Thai, or others (such as Bangladeshi, Burmese, Indonesian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan) are all classified as Asian. Most of these individuals do not have similar beliefs, do not understand one another, and should not be viewed as the same. One concern of many Asian Americans, which is also the concern of most other minorities, is the slow rate of promotion into management position. Like other minorities, Asian Americans are often stuck in middle management positions where very few make it to the top. Asian Americans are almost twice as likely as whites to graduate from college. However, the chance of Asian Americans being promoted to a top management position is far less than half of the chance of whites. Asian Americans only represent about


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