Public Health

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Public Health
Reflective Assignment

The following assignment will analyse and reflect on a communication situation which I observed during my practice .To be able to reflect upon this situation I will use Gibbs(1988) reflective model that will allow me to analyse the communication process between health visitor and client .It will also identify importance of reflective practice and will draw out conclusion for my new leadership role as health visitor .Epstein and Hundert(2002) stated reflective practice as being a benefit for practitioner while using communication ,knowledge ,reasoning , emotions and values in the care provided to improve the service for clients and communities. In addition Duffy(2007) considers that reflective
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However clients have sometimes difficulty in comprehending information and therefore communication is paramount (DH, 2009).Recognising client particular needs is very important part in the communication process as PND can have effects on the whole family including fathers hence the role of health visitors is to try to understand family dynamics using creative solutions for further counselling or treatment options (BFTA, 2013).
According to Department of Health (2009) key aspects that influence health visiting practice are outlined by the way practitioner promotes maternal mental health as lack of support for mothers can lead to PND and affect in long term the child cognitive and affective development . Furthermore Forman et al (2007) discusses important insides with reference to maternal depression as prevalent and the need of practitioners to focus more on mother-infant relationship in addition to maternal mental health assessment like EPDS for example. However Glover (2011) suggested that stress factors or impaired mental health for mother during antenatal period can increase considerably risks of delay in child behavioural development. Furthermore explore the importance of assessment on maternal mental health during pregnancy as could be more effective long term in treatment and support outcomes for mothers and the whole family during postnatal period.
Referring to our case scenario is important to outline that the aim of the conversation


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