A Framework for Pursuing Diversity in the Work Place

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Case Analysis

A Framework for Pursuing Diversity in the Work Place


Dr. Thomas Delong and Mr. Michael Brookshire

Group Dynamics for Teams (HRDV 5560)
Instructor: Dr. Innocent Nkwocha
April 23, 2007

Team One Members: Alisha Carlton, Saundra Carr, Jeanna Dixon, Shereka Rhett, Sara Young Case Analysis

A Framework for Pursuing Diversity in the Work Place

Comprehend the Case Situation

Mr. Thomas Delong and Mr. Michael Brookshire paper assesses the costs and benefits of pursuing diversity. They reviewed the primary barriers to creating diverse workplaces and propose options for companies’ interest in pursuing diversity in their organization. The fundamental reason for embracing diversity is the
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Both men and women hold stereotypes about gender, both whites and people of color hold them about race, and people are often not aware of them. These stereotypes are applied more under circumstances of ambiguity (including lack of information), stress from competing tasks, time pressure, and lack of critical mass.
Hidden bias can cause hidden barriers. The hidden barriers are the subtle, day-to-day, small, trivial, and/or isolated behaviors that have a cumulative effect which distorts the playing field, conferring advantage on some while disadvantaging others. These barriers can be erected by individuals, either intentionally or unintentionally. They can also result from skewed/unfair organizational practices and will undermine a system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement.
Examples of hidden barriers:
• Using assumptions or stereotypes to guide an organizationsorganization’s decisions and interactions.
– We can’t put Cynthia on that project – what would happen if the client were to find out she’s a lesbian?
• Hiring and firing based on comfort and familiarity rather than credentials and experience.
– We’ve got to hire John; he’s perfect for the job. He


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