Chapter 1 Review Questions Business Communications

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BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS—CHAPTER 1—CHAPTER REVIEW 6. | In what ways do communication skills act as a career filter? Page 2 | Your ability to communicate will make you marketable and continue to be your ticket to success regardless of the economic climate. | 7. | Do business professionals think that college graduates today are well prepared for the communication and writing tasks in the workplace? Page 2-3 | No. It is said that many college graduates failed the writing test because there isn’t enough time to teach writing skills. | 8. | What are soft skills? Page 3-4 | Essential career attributes that include the ability to communicate, work well with others, solve problems, make ethical decisions, and appreciate diversity. …show more content…

3. Establish a receptive mind-set-expect to learn by listening. Strive for a positive and receptive frame of mind 4. keep an open mind- be fair to the speaker, hear what is really being said not what you want to hear 5. listen for main points- heighten your concentrations and satisfaction by looking for the speakers central themes 6. Capitalize on lag time- make use of the quickness of your mind by reviewing the speaker’s points. Anticipate what is coming next. Evaluate evidence 7. listen between the lines- focus both on what is spoken and what is unspoken, listen for feelings, as well as for facts 8. Judge ideas, not appearance- concentrate on the content of the message, not on its deliver. 9. hold your fire-force yourself to listen to the speakers entire arguments or message before reacting, such restraint may enable you to understand the speakers reasons and logic before you jump false conclusions 10. Take selective notes- note taking may be necessary to record important facts that must be recalled late. Select only the most important points so that the note taking process does not interfere with your concentration on the speaker’s message. 11. Provide feedback- let the speaker know that you are listening. Nod you head and maintain eye contact. Ask questions as well. | 14. | Name eight techniques that will help you build strong nonverbal skills. Page 13 | 1. Eye contact 2. Facial expression 3. Posture and gestures 4. time 5.


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