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Chapter 1. The Information Systems Strategy Triangle

Chapter Overview

This chapter presents a very simple framework, the Information Systems Strategy Triangle, which links business strategy with organizational strategy and information strategy. The chapter describes this model, and builds on several other popular strategy models and organizational models. The goal of this chapter is to make sure every student has a basic understanding of both strategy and organizations (in many management programs, one or both of these are either reserved for the most senior students or left out entirely). For students well versed in strategy and organizational behavior, this chapter is a review of key points from those two fields.

Key Points
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And, worse, without supplying the virtual worker with the appropriate information system (a computer at home, a laptop, etc) will lead to a decrease in productivity by the virtual worker, and a major disruption of business operations.

2. Suppose managers in an organization decided to hand out laptop computers to all salespeople without making any other formal changes in organizational strategy or business strategy. What might be the outcome? What unintended consequences might occur?

Ans: Sales people might not use them, with out training and reconfiguring their job. They may be used to the paper system and resist moving to the laptop systems. If they do use them, there will eventually be strain on the rest of the organization if it doesn't adapt to this new technology. For example, messaging might become messy if sales people use e-mail on their laptops and voice mail. Where is the primary place to contact them? When someone is needed fast, it is a hindrance to have multiple places to check. Likewise, if the laptops are used for order entry, but the order process is not changed to accommodate the laptops, there will be problems. And support systems must be redesigned. It does a sales person little good to have to bring their laptop into the office for repairs, especially if they live a far distance away. Support processes will have to adapt to the mobility of the technology, or the


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