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Bachelor of Business Administration in

International Office Management


The Individual research project


Bachelor of Business Administration in

Office Management

The Individual research project


Academic year: 2009/2010

Research Project Co-ordinator:

Afke Moufakkir-van der Woud BA., MA., PhD.

Guide developed in cooperation with Dr. O. Moufakkir from the Department of Tourism Management, Institute of Leisure and Labour at the CHN

Stenden University-Institute of Office Management
Postbus 1298
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Furthermore, at least one draft version of the project should be handed in to the OM mentor so that additional feedback can be given.

If the project contains sensitive information, an embargo may be placed on the project (see Appendix C). This means that once the project has been graded by the OM internship/academic supervisor, it will not be read by others or placed in the Study Landscape.
The individual research project will be evaluated by the host company, see Appendix B, but the final grading will be done by the OM internship/academic supervisor. The project must have at least a grade of satisfactory for you to be able to obtain the study credits for the placement period. Remember, research is an inquiry into some physical, natural, or social phenomenon. It must be systematic, critical, empirical, and have academic integrity. All students should therefore assume that their work will be subject to scrutiny and whatever approach is used, readers must be convinced that all conclusions and recommendations are firmly grounded in meticulous work.

1.2 Objectives

The purpose of the research program in the Office Management degree program is twofold: firstly, to provide an incremental trajectory for the development of key research skills that will be needed by each student to graduate. Secondly, to provide a basis for testing the integration of knowledge


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