A New Strategy for Kodak

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Assignment # 3: A New Strategy for Kodak
BUS599 Strategic Management

1. Establish five (5) key objectives for Eastman Kodak that encompasses the operational, financial, human resource aspects of the business. Next, argue that each of the established objectives is essential to the success of the company within the Cloud service industry.
Kodak is one of the many companies that has succumbed to a disruptive technology some call the digital divide. They recently came out of chapter 11 bankruptcy, which allowed them to restructure the organization. Entering the company at this point and as a business consultant for the company, I would recommend a restructuring of the internal core. Focus on
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4. Recommend one (1) implementation strategy for Eastman Kodak that considers organizational design, strategic control systems, structure, and the type of organizational culture fitting for the organization and its new industry. Justify the recommendation.
Eastman Kodak is a company that is well seem to welcome diversification. They have previous experience and knowledge of how to operate across borders. Although they have acquired and merged with various organizations outside of their industry, some of their efforts were not profitable. In this instance I believe that they will be cognizant of the strategies that are better suited for their new industry venture. As a business consultant I will recommend an implementing strategy that is best suited for organizations that compete across industries and countries (Hill & Jones, 2012). Eastman Kodak is a multibusiness organization with multiple divisions across many


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