Once an Eagle Leadership Assessment

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Once An Eagle

Rebecca Lambert

In order to assess the character of Samuel Damon from Once and Eagle from a military point of view this paper will follow a rough format of the Leadership Assessment Report (blue card) used to assess Army ROTC cadets. As the assessment of Damon is being made Courtney Massengale will also be assessed in order to compare the two men’s leadership styles. The assessment of both will also show a contrast of what a good leader is from a poor one. The book begins with Damon at his hometown in Nebraska. Before Damon ever enlists into the army, he already exhibits the qualities of a leader. While reading the first part, Orchard, in Once an Eagle, we find out that he works as night clerk at a hotel
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Damon demonstrates Integrity in a rather humorous situation. Raebyrne and another member of the company dressed in French uniforms in order to sneak past the MPs in order to visit a whorehouse. He escorts them back in order to supervise their exchange of uniforms. Though amused, he lectures them on their actions. By the end of World War I, Damon becomes one of the most decorated men in the Army. While recovering from an injury he sustains near the end of the war, he meets his future wife, Tommy, the daughter of Caldwell. Tommy is not the biggest fan of the Army, so after the two are married she repeatedly tries to pull Damon away from further military service. Damon wants to do what is best for his family, and does make a few attempts (worked a civilian job at one point). He is stilled pulled back into the army over a strong sense of Loyalty and Respect to the men that serve and to the ones that he served with that had died. He also believes that it is his destiny to be in the Army and lead. This becomes a continuous problem between him and Tommy, especially since Damon has no interest, like Massengale, to advance himself through his career and to utilize his rank to obtain things. An example of such is when he and Tommy are assigned to live in a rather dilapidated house in which Damon restores, but only to have to give it up to an incoming captain (he is reduced to first lieutenant after the war). Tommy urges Damon to use his


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