Accountability of Nursing Professionals

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Accountability of Nursing Professionals

Accountability of Nursing Professionals
Errors pervade in our lives whether it is our home, in our workplace, or in our society. The effects of healthcare errors have impacted all our lives either directly or indirectly. Patient safety and quality care are at the core of healthcare system which strongly depends upon nurses. “To achieve goals in patient safety and quality, thereby improve healthcare, nurses must assume the leadership role. Nurses need to ensure that they and other healthcare providers center healthcare on patients and their families. Even though the quality and safety of healthcare is heavily influenced by the complex nature
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p, 185).
From this information that I have received, I will implement some changes in my practice, taking care of patients on ventilators. Since aspiration of subglottic secretion is an uncommon practice, suctioning patients more frequently can help reduce ventilator associated pneumonia. So I will suction patients more frequently. I will also share this information with my co-workers. Most of the time we run to patients when the ventilator is alarming, and what they need is suction. From now on I won’t wait for the alarm. Another change I will enforce with patients on ventilators is making sure the head of the bed is elevated at least forty-five degrees at all times to prevent aspiration. I always keep the head of the bed elevated before I leave bedside. But, most of the time what happens is, other healthcare workers such as x-ray technicians, taking a chest x-ray or a nursing assistant turning the patient forgets to put the head back up. I guess they don’t realize the damage they are doing to these patients. Now I can share this information with other healthcare workers to keep my patients safe. Since as a nurse, I am accountable for the consequences, I have to assume the leadership role and make sure that my patient’s well being is not being challenged by any other healthcare workers.
Patient safety and quality care are at the core of health care system. As


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