Adn vs Bsn Competencies

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Differences in Competencies: Who Makes a Better Nurse? Michelle Phoebe Baltazar
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430
July 18, 2012

In this essay the differences between an Associate prepared nurse versus Bachelor prepared nurse is discussed in correlation to critical thinking, professionalism, and leadership.
Differences in Competencies: Who Makes a Better Nurse? Who makes a better nurse? A nurse with an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree? The answer would probably depend on who one asks. However, according to American Association of College of Nursing (2012), “education enhances both clinical competency and care delivery” (pg.1). In this discussion, nurses prepared in baccalaureate-degree level compared to
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Some may argue that leaders are born not made, but in this argument, one would be more successful in leading if that person was taught and prepared prior to leading a person, group, or establishment. In the Baccalaureate level, nurses are given necessary tools to be a successful leader compared to those in the Associate’s Degree level. “The University of Edinburgh views organization and management to be key components of leadership and of autonomous practice, which is taught in year 4 of the undergraduate nursing program” (Curtis et al., 2011, pg. 308). Autonomy is not only linked to professionalism but is also a characteristic of a leader. “Nurses will more confidently assert their rights in the workplace and have more input into decision-making regarding patient care, and they can then provide a multi skilled service, incorporating the roles as a care-giver, a patient advocate, an educator, a coordinator, a manager, a counselor, and an ethicist” (Yam, 2004,pg. 979) In a leadership role, a nurse must be able to lead others by having a strong ethical code of conduct, a strong sense of accountability, and autonomy, so that the people he or she is trying to lead will have the confidence and strong believe in their purpose. One cannot be a leader if no one believes in the same purpose. Higher education in any profession is always regarded in a higher esteem by society, but in nursing, higher education is a must. Nursing and


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