Mentoring and Assessing

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Critically examine the mentors accountability in their role as facilitators of learning and in the assessment of students competence.

Over the last decade the National Health Service (NHS) has continued its drive to optimise health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and conform to nationally agreed best practice in order to provide a more patient centred service. Accordingly, the present culture needed to adapt in a way as to encourage and strengthen clinical leadership and develop a workforce seeking to innovate and continuously improve through learning and research (Department of Health, 2005). Such a projected change within the health service has had a direct impact on nursing careers and nurse education both pre-registration and
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Whilst mentors face many key professional challenges surrounding the facilitation of learning and assessment within the clinical placement the NMC framework to support students and mentors, by the nature of the document, is not deemed comprehensive enough to consider all aspects of competence assessment (Cassidy, 2009 p46). Research highlights that there are some levels of assessment that remains subjective despite the framework, simply due to the inherent nature of those involved and the variation of the skills to be assessed (Freshwater and Stickley 2004, Clibbens et al 2007). However, further support can be given to the NMC standards to support learning and assessment in practice by documents such as ‘Guidance for mentors or nursing students and midwives; (Royal College of Nursing (RCN), 2007). This toolkit is frequently used in my own practice area as it assists nurses to provide support and strategies.
Levett-Jones, Tracy, Lathlean et al (2009, p316) suggest that mentor-mentee relationships are an important influence on students experiences of belongingness and their clinical learning. Notwithstanding, the clinical placement experience accounts for 50% of the pre-registration course, the role of the mentor in facilitating learning and educating is therefore optimised, assessing and supporting learners’ throughout


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