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A Report on Influences and Developments in the External Environment that have an impact on HR policies and practices,using the framework of STEEPLE

By Amartya Basu(Registration No-201283862).


Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of the MSc Human Resource Management(Full-time) course.


I would like to thank my teacher Mr. Chris Moore for his guidance and encouragement he has given me in writing this report.


This study is about the influences and developments of external environment, that generally have an impact on the HR policies and practices applied by the organisations/industries with special attention towards NHS Employers. The report provides a global view of
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| Ethical | Balancing stakeholder interests, ethics in the workplace, ethical business relations, ethical production, ethical consumption, ethical purchasing, promoting employee welfare, human rights, corporate social responsibility. |
(Adapted from Farnham(2010), p. 20)

Analysis of ‘STEEPLE’ from a global perspective:
STEEPLE framework is tool which is used as a model or checklist to explore trends and changes that could occur in an industry and it is responsibility of the HR professionals to scan their environment in response to external changes. Berger and Luckman(1967) comply with the above mentioned statement as according to them the senior managers are responsible for adapting with the external changes, so that internal aspects of the organisation can stay risk free. Now organisations can opt to be reactive(fighting with immediate problems) or proactive(planning for the future), but either way they have to confront the challenges thrown at them by the constantly changing external factors.

In socio-cultural context, the changing trends have been longer life, rising age for retirement in OECD(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, which will be 68 by 2044 in UK, behavioural and attitude difference between generations (Rennie and McGee,2012) and ageing workforce being increasingly replaced by workers from developing countries(as a result there will be


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