Nurse Practice Act

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Nursing Practice Act Rules
Cindy Hersey
Fortis College
November 05, 2013

A professional nurse who lacks the knowledge, ability to understand, and competence to delegate care appropriately not only Puts the patient at risk for injury, but also puts his or hers license in jeopardy. The practice of nursing requires specialized

Knowledge, skill, and independent decision making. The purpose of delegation was put into perspective when Corazzini et al. (2010) said delegation by RNs is a primary mechanism for ensuring that professional nursing standards of care reach the

Bedside. RNs must be made aware of which nursing tasks can be delegated and which cannot. Most importantly , they must know that basic delegation skills
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The RN should be able to accept responsibility for judgments, actions, competence, and behavior (UT Admin Code R156-31b. Nurse Practice Act Rule, 2013). Other scopes of practice that are included and that the nurse should be able to perform are comprehensive assessments, detecting wrong or missing information, and the application of psychological, spiritual and social aspects of the patient’s condition. The RN should be able to provide appropriate decision making, critical thinking and use clinical judgment by seeking clarification of orders, implementation of treatments and medications, evaluation of patient status, and the impact of nursing (UT Admin Code R156-31b. Nurse Practice Act Rule, 2013). This section goes on to say that the RN must always be a patient advocate by assuring their safety, standing up for their rights, addressing their concerns and respecting choices. Teaching is also in the scope of practice and RN must always keep on mind that patient needs to be informed. They must supervise others that are also caring for the same patients and not delegate nursing tasks to UAP (UT Admin Code R156-31b. Nurse Practice Act Rule, 2013). When practicing the nursing, it is important to have rules and guidelines to make sure the patient stays safe. Both sections that were discussed here address that exact issue. The scope of practice of a nurse is outlined;


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