Kayem Foods

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Kayem Foods, Inc.: Al Fresco Chicken Sausage
Case Questions, Group Two

1. Provide a brief SWOT analysis for Kayem Foods, Inc. (specifically addressing the market opportunity for Al Fresco Chicken Sausage).

STRENGTHS • Kayem owns other brands that have been acquired and retained due to regional brand loyalty. • Kayem brands are known for freshness and high quality. • Taste tests show that consumers consider Kayem products to be equivalent in taste and quality to leading brands. • Al Fresco Chicken Sausage is seen to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. • Buzz marketing put Al Fresco in the number one market share spot for Chicken Sausage. • Kayem brands are strong at the deli counter because of
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| | |Highest sales of sausage is in the summer season. |
| |Sales by the pound increased from .80million to | |
| |1.25 million/ lbs | |
|Marketing |Small ad placements in trade magazines |Mostly serves a small regional market in the New |
| | |England/Mid-Atlantic area) |
| |Advertises on cable food networks that reaches | |
| |niche market |Not able to meet the supermarket merchandising |
| | |mangers standards of national advertising or price |
| | |oriented consumer coupons |