Wgu Professional Role and Value

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Professional Role and Value

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Professional Role and Value

Regulatory agencies are government agencies created to provide rules by defining laws, concepts and authorities. There are federal and state regulatory agencies with different levels of involvement and collaboration with professional associations. These government regulatory agencies are shaped by the assistance of associations with functional differences like the Board of Nursing (BRN) and Professional Nursing Organization (PNO). The Board of Nursing has the function of ensuring that the standard of practice in nursing is being followed and keeping the health care consumers safety as a priority. The board of registered nurses protects the
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Advancement in the nursing professional career is part of the nurses continue knowledge development. Nurses constantly have to change their practices to ensure they get the best outcome for patients. The way nurses promote the use of best evidenced based practices in the interdisciplinary team is by providing easier access to advancement in their education.

One nursing theory that has influenced my professional practice has been the Florence Nightingale theory. Florence Nightingale was a young woman who had a deep belief and desire to make a difference in the history of healthcare. One of her most influential strengths was her motivation to advocate for what she believed would create a transformation in the way we care for our patients. Nurses are constantly advocating for their patients. For instance, nurses advocate for the use of a sterile field during a procedure in the operating room or at bedside. Nurses are responsible to speak up when a sterile field is broken during a procedure concerning the risk for an infection. Florence Nightingale was the creator of the infection prevention tools and techniques that are used to control the transmission by poor hygiene (Smith & Lokhorst, 2009). Nurses use her theory to increase the compliance and outcomes among all healthcare providers.

One of the historical nursing figures which has had an impacted on my professional nursing practice is Jean Watson’s Human Caring


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