Rup1 Paper

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RUP1 – Project in Professional Roles and Values

Part A
Explain the functional differences between a regulatory agency, such as a board of nursing (BON), and a professional nursing organization (PNO) as it pertains to your professional nursing practice.

A regulatory agency – in this case, a board of nursing (BON) – is a governmental agency. A board of nursing exists on the state level. The primary purpose of a BON is to protect the public’s health and welfare by providing oversight over and ensuring the safe practice of nursing; it achieves this by issuing nursing licenses and monitoring licensees’ compliance to state laws. Additionally, these regulatory agencies outline the standards for safe nursing care within the borders of that
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Access provided through membership in a PNO can assist in job-hunting efforts or provide a nurse with way to get more involved and increase their nursing experience. Membership in a PNO is completely voluntary, but it highly beneficial that a nurse join at least one organization. As I wish to further my education and my experience to get to work in a highly specialized setting, it would behoove me to become a member of one or more PNOs. So after doing a little bit more research, I will join a professional nursing organization and become an active participant therein, in order to begin reaping the multitude of benefits that such membership offers.

Part B
Discuss two examples of how provisions from a nursing code of ethics influence your practice.

The nursing code of ethics that I am drawing from is the American Nurses Association code. I feel that the first provision certainly influences my practice in a big way. While respect for human dignity and the need for compassion are what drew me to the nursing profession, the part of the provision that has influenced me more is the one concerning the nature of health problems (ANA Code of Ethics Provision 1.3, 2014). Prior to starting my nursing career, whenever I would see persons with moderate to severe disabilities I would wonder about their quality of life and ponder the purpose of choosing to prolong such a difficult existence. Then