Psychological and Sociological Theories of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a crime that occurs regularly within the United States. It claims millions of victims each year. There is not a specific cause to establish why domestic violence occurs. However, it has been documented that domestic violence is a product of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and any other forms of torture or torment that the particular abuser wishes to employ to gain control or power over their victims (Gosselin, 2005). Due to the complexity of this crime, many criminologists and socialologists have studied its causes and the effects in order to determine social policies and additional theories to better understand the causation of domestic violence. The social policies and theories that are developed from …show more content…

It is further believed the behavior manifests in young children when they are subjected to violence and /or aggression they observe from adult role models. In addition, social learning theorists believe this behavior is learned through a process called behavior modeling/modification. The study of behavior is paramount, in order to establish a framework of understanding regarding the motivation behind the abuser’s criminal activity.
Behavioral modeling/modification can be described in three principle sources that cause criminal behavior. The sources are family interactions, interactions with mass media, and environmental experiences (Gosselin, 2005). Understanding behavioral modification is important in order to comprehend the root cause of criminal activity. In my opinion and experience with dealing with offenders, the concept of behavioral modification helps to better understand domestic abuse when it occurs from the hands of a previous victim who has turned to a life of offending. There are a number of abusers who claim to have suffered from issues pertaining to relationships with family, had adverse interactions with mass media (pornography), or have suffered adverse environmental experiences (homeless or unemployed) that have caused them to lack the skills needed to maintain a productive relationship within society.
The study of


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