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Ryisha Flowers
EDUC 205
Relationship Building Plan
Liberty University
Professor Renee Brown
November 9, 2014

As a Christian educator it is my belief that students should be trained with Christian-like values that reflects a Godly character. When an educator teaches students the value of learning, while still remaining true to the walks of God it is an essential ingredient that allows beliefs, relationships, abilities and skills to flow together. “All teachers teach on the basis of their beliefs”. There is no way a teacher may educate students’ value-less but rather in the framework of what they believe. (McCullough, 2008, p. 20) It is my notion, that after learning all the concepts of teaching such as teacher roles,
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This is an important anecdote to your effective teaching practices. According to the word of God, parents are responsible for their children’s education, that’s why we must work alongside with them to complete the task God has given them to do. To support God’s word I will encourage teacher-parent community by understanding the conditions in which my parents may have. Administration policies may limit my ability to meet with parents throughout the day so a way to resolve this issue, I can stay later at school to meet with those parents or meet them at home in their own environment to make it easier to communicate. My communication building with parents will be one that will address fears, change their way of thinking that teachers are always right and the parents have no input and encouraging parents to get involve with learning activities are home.
Parents are important members of the school community and it will be my duty to bridge the gap whether they are Christian believers or non-believers. I will encourage parental involvement, show Godly character and take time to listen before I speak. This is my plan as a future educator to foster and develop relationships while continuing in the walk of God.
Teacher- Teacher Relationships/Teacher-Administrator Relationships
Building peer relationships with fellow teachers and administrators are important to building Christ-like communities outside of the classroom. I will interact with other


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