Understand Theoretical Approaches to Building Effective Professional Relationships with Children and Young People and Their Families.

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Level 5 Diploma for Learning Development and Support Services Workforce (QCF)

Understand theoretical approaches to building effective professional relationships with children and young people and their families.

1.1 There are several key approaches to developing professional relationships with children and young people such as psychological, behaviourist, humanist and psychodynamic theories; family therapy/systems approaches; and the principles of restorative justice.
Psychological approaches, thinking about ways of working that are based on theory and research on what psychologists discover about anything that might actually help people.

Behaviourists, determine that what we do is based on the environment that we are
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For example, a child who has only had remote or distant relationships with the significant adults in his/her life will not have the same ability to relate to others as a child from a loving and supportive family. Also a child who has suffered neglect may not be able to empathise with others and therefore show enough interest in others well-being to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship.
Equally a child who has been repeatedly let down by the significant adults in his/her life will find it harder to trust anyone and therefore will rely more on their own abilities whether they happen to be or wrong in our society.

3.2 Children and young people can display a range of behaviours as a means of communication including negative behaviours like;

Negative Way of Communicating | Behaviour presented as | Possible Causes | Verbal abuse of others | Taking their frustrations and pain out on others | Bullying | often learned behaviours and sometimes caused by a lack of empathy | Theft | sometimes out of need but can be for attention | Refusal to cooperate | sometimes a way of exercising power in a life where they often feel powerless | Violence | this can be an inevitable reaction to a situation that they do not understand or have the ability to react to appropriately or could be learned behaviour | Inappropriate sexual acts | this can be learned


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