Omnico, Inc

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Omnico, Inc

Case 3-5

Marketing Management

Robert Smith

Table of contents I. Statement of the problem II. Summary of the facts III. Analysis IV. Recommendations V. Conclusion

I. Statement of the Problem
Omnico’s customer retention is much lower than industry average. The problem as perceived by long time employee and current sales manager is that his salespeople fail to appreciate the importance of relationship selling. The sales manager’s solution is to have his sales force spend time on the golf course with customers in order to build relationships. Some of the sales people believe this is not the answer to the problem and feel this tactic is out dated and not going to have
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A strategy should be developed to allow the sales people not only the time to build relationships but a way to document what that relationship is. Although on the surface the relationship between sales person and customer should appear to be transparent from the business process it should be documented. Providing the salespeople with a data source or system by which they can document their interaction will also allow a new sales person the opportunity to take advantage of that relationship if the salesperson should ever need to be replaced. The relationship being built should be between the salesperson and the customer with the underlying understanding that it is really for the benefit of the customer and the company.

Sales people should be tasked with getting to know their existing customers and spending time with them outside of the business arena. They should take time and provide resources for the sales force to build relationships with current customers to strengthen relationships. Training should also be provided on how to effectively identify customer likes and dislikes and how to build relationships with new customers.

The sales manager should also research why relationship building is not currently taking place. Discovering the comfort level of the sales force in building and maintaining customer