John C Maxwell Leadership 101

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John C. Maxwell’s Leadership 101
Executive Summary:
Leadership 101-- The five levels of leadership
Did you know that each of us influences at least ten thousand other people during our lifetime? Maxwell wants us to know that it is not whether we will influence someone, but how we will use our influence. Influence is the measure of leadership and we can increase our influence and leadership potential if we understand the levels of leadership.
Maxwell states that real leadership is being the person who others will gladly and confidently follow. Each and every one of us is a leader in some way—we are constantly influencing other people around us.
According to Maxwell, everyone has the capability to climb up the five different levels of
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A person is seen as in control because he is in a position of authority. Although authority is an important, a real leader needs to know the difference between being the boss and being a leader (Maxwell, 73). Maxwell stresses that a person should not want to stay on this level and should work to show that they know how to lead and that they do not want to be merely viewed as “the boss” just for their position/title.
Level 2- Contributing Team Member
Contributes to the achievement of group objectives; works effectively with others in a group setting.
Maxwell’s Level 2-- Permission (relationships)—people follow because they want to. People will follow you beyond your stated authority. This level allows work to be fun. Caution: staying too long on this level without rising will cause highly motivated people to become restless. Maxwell’s level 2 leadership is related to the level 2 in the level 5 hierarchy because it includes others in the “journey” of the project at hand and at this level a leader makes those who work with them more successful. In order to move up the levels of leadership we must build solid relationships with people. On this level, the leader donates time, energy, and focus on the follower’s needs and desires. I believe that the “permission level” is slightly different than the


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