Wolfgang Keller Case Analysis

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Wolfgang Keller Case Analysis

Wolfgang Keller is a 34 year old graduate of the Harvard Business School. After a fast moving career building a reputation for turning around failing businesses, Wolfgang Keller once again found himself facing the challenge of turning around a losing business. This time it was as managing director of the Ukrainian subsidy of the Konigsbrau Brewery. The company was experiencing €2.9 million per year with annual sales of €116 million, (Gabarro, 2008). Even though this was a bigger company that he was used to dealing with, he seemed to be well on his way to success after just three years. Sales had increased to €145 million and the company was finally turning a €7 million
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Keller believed that this was all just an excuse to keep form dealing with the part of the job that he did not like.
By contrast, Brodsky’s Marketing Manager, Ivan Zelenko was heavily involved with the sales and marketing staff and most of the middle managers and sales staff preferred woring directly with Zelenko instead of Brodsky.
Even though Brodsky was brought in because it was thought that his maturity would balance the group of young managers that were brought it, it still seemed to surprise Keller that they did not instantly bond. This is why Keller has been seriously considering splitting the department and making Zelenko Sales Director and Brodsky Marketing Director
It is obvious that we are dealing with two completely different personalities and management styles. Wolfgang Keller’s management style would be more of an affinitive style (Goleman, 2000). He prefers to establish trust and relationships with his subordinates to help motivate them to perform well because they value the relationship, rather than because they fear punishment if they don’t. However, when it comes to Brodsky, he leans more toward a coercive management style (Goleman, 2000), dictating how he wants things done. Brodsky on the other hand is almost the polar opposite of Keller. He prefers to


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