Od Interventions

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Definition of od interventions:
An OD intervention can be defined as “the set of structured activities in which selected organization units engage with a task or a sequence of tasks where the task goals are related directly or indirectly to organizational improvement ”
“A set of sequenced and planned actions or events intended to help the organisation increase its effectiveness”.
In an od intervention the entire process of diagnosis, alternative generation and making action choices are jointly conducted and od will also examine the process of such diagnosis, action planning and implementation.
Criteria for Effective Interventions:

In OD three major criteria define the effectiveness of an intervention:

1. The Extent to Which it (the
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6) Management by Objectives (MBO): It is another important tool of O.D and involves the process of educating the concerned persons about M.B.O, agreement upon clear cut quantifiable objectives, evaluation of objectives and feedback for deviation and coercive action. . M.B.O is wide-ranging overall managerial philosophies that focuses upon joint goal setting and synthesize the individual’s goal to organisational goals. The entire organization will have the feeling of unity as all levels of management of an organization are involved in goal setting. The programmes relating to M.B.O can be effective if they are properly implemented and needs the support of the top management.

7) Process Consultation: It can be described as the set of activities on the part of the consultant that helps the client to perceive, understand and act upon the process events that take place in the client’s environment. Process consultation concentrates on the analysis of process of activities like communication, leadership etc. It also aims to attempts to develop initial contacts, define relationships, selecting the method of work, collection of data and diagnosis. Process consultation is a method of intervening in an on going system and is designed to change


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