Skills for Tomorrow

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Executive Summary

Skills for Tomorrow is government-sponsored organizations tasked with helping at-risk young adults gain vocational training toward preparing them for a successful career in several different industries. The Harrisburg Skills for tomorrow located in Pennsylvania is constantly in the lower half of the rankings and has been constantly declining.

The main issue of declining rankings can be directly related Ted Alvarez being a poor leader in the organization. In addition to having every man for himself mentality with no teams formed.

To fully understand why the organization wasn’t heading down the path to success many different tools were used to help analyze the situations. Models such as the service profit
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Satisfied students and rankings will spread the news about the services at Skills for Tomorrow by word of mouth and the industry experts that will refer students to the organization. The whole organizational team, top to bottom needs to work together in maintaining morale and setting quality goals to offer the best services to their students.

Step Analysis

The Step Analysis is used to show how the external environment affects Skills for Tomorrow as an organization.

Having a furthered education is becoming more prudent in today’s society.
Employees need to work with the student’s lifestyle changes so they can adapt their teaching methods
Important to keep up with the new trends in web-based communication to educate their students with the most recent information.
Economic growth of the region to improve the current high unemployment rates
Inflation and interest rates because SFT is sponsored by the government effecting their budget
Since the organization is government sponsored it is highly subjected to policy and budget changes.
The society is on a green trend so SFT should do its part for the environment to keep employees and students content.

Internal Analysis
Company’s KSF

There are several key success factors that this organization relies on to remain a successful operating school. These key success factors


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