Universal Carpets

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MKTG251-14B - Marketing Strategy
Group Case Analysis Report - Universal Carpets

Ngahuia Britton­Bruce
Anita Burton
Martin Law
Nicola Vincent

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Executive Summary The contents of this report include four fully descriptive profiles of the potential candidate market segments in the New Zealand carpet market. Each has been researched and assessed to determine the relative attractiveness to Universal Carpets New Zealand Ltd
(UCNZ). Recommendations are included to advise UCNZ of the most appropriate segment to target, and a strategy statement and plan has been developed detailing how best to proceed.
These recommendations include targeting the general domestic market,
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Other competitors such as Cavalier Corporation also operate in this market, who provide high­end wool carpets and synthetic carpets for both residential and commercial properties. Within this exclusive market of high­end felted and broadloom wool carpets, there is further growth to be expected from the currently small base (McKenzie,
2014). There is no suggestion that there is a specific demographic or location for those who would be in this market as it includes a vast variety of customers. Carpet replacement is not likely to be required for a long time and customers will be loyal due to the relationships formed. Segment 4: The General Domestic Market
A survey of the new home buying market suggests this segment consists mainly of people older than the average New Zealand adult, who are either married or living with a partner but

no children, due to their age (Magill, Jones, & Kalafatelis, 2013). They are likely to be building a new house or holiday home, earn more than the average income, and be of New Zealand
European descent (Magill, Jones, & Kalafatelis, 2013). These people are cost­conscious and require a wide range of product choice options. They will require cheap and effective installation options, requesting a package deal to have the carpet laying included.
The main


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