Womens Rights in the Workplace

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Brittany Dorris
Mr. Dean Ford
Eng. 101
04 October 2010
A Wife, a Mom, and a Worker Women fought very hard for their rights in the workplace. Some of them, including Susan B Anthony, went above and beyond the norm. Yet, today our rights are still not the same as a man’s. At one point women weren’t allowed to work at all, and today they are allowed to have jobs while still being home makers. Although improvements have been made, there are still several dilemmas that need to be addressed. A women earns less than a man when doing the same work, and that is extremely unfair. Another issue in the workplace is that men underestimate women due to lack of strength and discrimination. There are also the issues of pregnancy and sexual
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One of the main differences is the fact that females can become pregnant. Instead of treating women better in the workplace and respecting them for trying to keep a job while pregnant, men tend to treat them poorly. In 1964, the Title VII was amended by the Pregnancy discrimination Act; it was put into action in order to eliminate the issue of pregnancy affecting a female’s career (Kazlowski 27). Although it is illegal to dismiss a woman from her career due to her becoming pregnant, there are still cases where it happens. Not only are women required to do the same work as a man for less pay, but they are also expected to be good mothers and attentive wives. I believe that a woman should be paid more than a man due to the fact that they tend to have more to balance in their daily lives. A female teacher who is pregnant gets less sleep than a male teacher,. and the female still has to show up at work bright and early. Women are not cut enough slack while pregnant and still earn less than a man. Have a guy carry 30 extra pounds on his stomach and see if he can still do his job. Some people say that women have unfair advantages when it comes to acquiring jobs and that makes it acceptable for them to be paid less. I agree that in some circumstances women are unrightfully rewarded jobs due to being “attractive females” but that does not justify them being paid less. I personally believe that I was given my job due to the fact that I am


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