Small Business Management

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March 23, 2014
MG354 Small Business Management

My Strengths and Weaknesses in Running a Small Business Running a small business would be both a wonderful retirement gift and a scary post-military venture. Becoming an entrepreneur would be, for anyone, a dream come true, but jumping into the small business world without a plan, education or experience to do so would be a hasty entrance to the business world. A thorough review of my education and my experience to develop a possible jump into the small business world would definitely be a worth-while venture! So to begin reviewing my strengths and weaknesses in running a small business, let’s first review my education and try to identify those classes that I have taken that
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The ability to hold formal and informal meetings where my personnel have had the opportunity to ask questions concerning events, taskings, projects and military events are invaluable and give me a good basis to transition to a civilian work environment – although I will have to practice my human relation skills with civilian counterparts, as the military runs in more of an authoritarian style. This style of dealing with personnel would be considered a weakness that I have inherited from my military experience. Strengths are only as good as the weaknesses that they cover, with the weakness of my leading style I would need someone who has a civilian background to assist with my managing of a small business. An entrepreneur is only as good as those that they surround themselves with, and if those that are around them do not respect them, then the business is in for a rough ride. The major weaknesses I bring to the table is that I have never owned or operated a small business, I have only been employed, in the past, by them. It would be in my best interest to ‘shadow’ another small business owner in day-to-day operations to familiarize myself with these operations. As an achievable goal to own and operate my own small business, it


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