Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

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Women are one of the most groups being discriminated against today. They try very hard to fit in and be successful in their careers. Discrimination against women is found in many workplaces. Some managers try to fix this problem, but others just ignore it. Companies that pretend that gender discrimination doesn’t exist are usually the ones that get sued for it more often. Other companies try to avoid law suits by dealing with gender discrimination and resolving conflicts before it gets to the law suits.
Promotion and pay gap are the main concerns in gender discrimination. Many studies in the past and present have shown that women do not get promoted as fast as
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Many women get promoted only so far or do not get promoted at all. There are very few women that hold high positions in the large companies and all because of a belief that a man should be in charge. Sexual harassment is very common in the workplace. Some women get promoted or get a raise only if they engage into sexual activities with their boss. Men get promoted faster than women do, and there are also more unemployed women than men (Tischler, 2004:52). Glass Ceiling pushes women to open their own businesses because women believe that they can’t be successful working for other companies. Female workers believe that men get promoted faster, and if a position becomes open then a man is more likely to get that position than a woman (McAleavy, 2004:1). Women find it very difficult to move up into managerial positions because male employers prefer male managers and deny women authority in order to preserve men’s power in an organization (Tischler, 2004:52). Women are hired into less desirable jobs and that once a job becomes associated with women, it is devaluated in the organizational context (Tischler, 2004:52).
Unequal Treatment
A majority of men and women still work in largely sex-segregated occupations leaving many women stuck in lower-paying jobs such as cashiers and maids. The common assumptions that usually made about different females are that women are too emotional, deficient in quantitative


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