Affirmative Action Necessary or Unnecessary?

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Affirmative Action was centered around 1961 because women and minorities were being discriminated against. By definition, affirmative action is “the encouragement of increased representation of women and minority-group members, especially in employment” ( The main controversy of affirmative action is whether or not it is still necessary, and if it should be abolished all together. It was originally intended to benefit cultural groups that were thought to suffer from discrimination in the past, however, now some people believe that those cultural groups are already being represented to the fullest extent, and that affirmative action is no longer necessary. On the other hand, other people believe that affirmative action …show more content…

“In 1978, the landmark Regents of California v. Allan Bakke case made racial quotas unconstitutional. Bakke, a white student, sued after twice being denied admission to medical school, challenging the special admissions used to admit minority groups” ( The question now arises, is there a way to help minority groups discriminated against in the past without denying other majority groups opportunity? The main way the government is planning to do that is by modifying existing policies. So far, the idea suggests that policies could be heavily enforced for training purposes, such as high school, but not in the job market or for college admissions. That way, all races and cultures are receiving proper training and education, but it also allows those that excelled to be awarded jobs and college positions, also regardless of race or gender. This way, “Women and minorities in education and employment...remain essential to ensure equal access to all professions at all levels, through recruitment, outreach, and training” (AAUW). Most people agree that it is ignorant to believe that racism no longer exists in our society, education system, and workplace, but what is argued over is how to go about alleviating that racism. Everyone deserves equal opportunity regardless of race or gender. Affirmative action became a highly


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