Philip Morris Ethical Issues

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BUSI 385

Philip Morris International Inc.
Cigarettes an Ethical Dilemma
For a Prosperous Company

Matthew Murray

Table of Contents
Company Overview
Company Success and Campaigns
Tobacco Regulation and Effect on the Company
An Ethical Look on an “Evil” Company
Philip Morris and Positive Ethical Behavior
Company Views and the Utilitarian Approach
The Fact of the Matter for Philip Morris
In Conclusion

Company Overview The Philip Morris founded a cigarette company in 1847 London. They specialized in hand-rolled cigarettes and were very much a small, family ran business. In 1902 the company moved to New York City and had a new demographic in a new country. The company remained small and
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An Ethical Look on a “Evil” Company With full speculation as corporations go Philip Morris is certainly on the list as a “Evil company. The fact is that the company sells a harmful addictive products that kill almost 20% of Americans each year. In addition the company has long known about the dangers of smoking despite repeatedly denying the medical claims. Although these accusations Philip Morris is taking steps to change their business outlook. The steps to gain a more favorable public opinion shows that the company is not acting unethically. When the reports about health issues came along with smoking Philip Morris made an unprecedented decision. Instead of targeting the health problems and looking to manufacture “safer” cigarettes Phillip Morris began marketing to the younger crowd. (6) While not necessary breaking the law by physically selling to minors it is clear that the company believes that targeting a younger more impressionable crowd is the solution. It’s hard to pinpoint the moral beliefs of Philip Morris. The company is still extremely successful and their success comes with the expense of the well being of their customers.
Philip Morris and Positive Ethical Behavior Philip Morris a company speculated for its concerned about its stakeholders has also still had initiatives that benefit society. Unlike


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