Week 5 Supervisory

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Organizational Change & Leadership from a Systems Perspective
Sondra Primm
February 4, 2015
Professor Mary Hoover
Organizational Change & Leadership from a Systems Perspective
There are many aspects to running a successful organization. The dream of running a business initially starts off as a vision in the mind of the founder. That vision materializes into the mission statement, and progresses on to becoming an organization worthy of being put into a business plan. After completion of the many administrative and legal steps required, one must make sure to hire good people. A successful business will start with positive human interaction. The people of the organization must have the skillset to progressively advocate,
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The Contingency Theory of leadership theory basically suggest that there is no one way to lead and every situation is differently and the different behaviors are appropriate for different situations (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2012).
The systems perspective is full of subsystems according to Lewis, Packard, and Lewis (2012), all subsystems work together first with planning, budgeting, designing, staffing, supervising, evaluating which are all important to the systems. Without one you cannot proceed to the other (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2012). Leadership must look at the subsystems, and make sure the organization is on track. Management must make sure to have the proper skillset of employee in each department. All six sub-systems must work together to assure the success of the organization. One of the images in the reading showed leadership to be the center of the organization. Leadership is surrounded by designing, budgeting, staffing,


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