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Lard WEeduck
Dr. Lerdkig
Lab Report #2
November 9, 2011
Lab Report: Environmental Control of Sex Determination
Ceratopteris richardii, known as a C-fern has a lifecycle referred to as alteration of generations, which consist of neither haploid nor diploid dominant. C-ferns are homospours plants which are important in that they can produce hermaphrioditic gametophytes in order to be able to self fertilize. However, some of the homospourous C-ferns only produce male gametophytes .The life cycle of Ceratopteris richardii starts as a diploid sporophyte which then, by meiosis, produces haploid spores. These spores then undergo mitosis to produce a haploid gametophyte, which can be either hermaphrodite( producing eggs and
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The reason for this leveling out at the top of the graph was due to; if the percentage of male gametophytes kept increasing linearly, then there would be too many male gametophytes and not enough eggs being produced from the hermaphrodite gametophytes to be fertilized causing an unbalanced population. The outlier pertained to this because the population density was so high but the percentage of male gametophytes was relatively close to the other points supporting that male gametophyte production does not increase as population density increases. Even thought the population density was so high, the percentage of male gametophytes was relatively the same as the other points because the hermaphrodite gametophytes were trying to increase in number so that they could produce enough eggs to be able to self fertilize and reproduce with the male gametophytes, causing a leveling off in the graph. C-Ferns might have evolved this system of sex determination for many reasons. Being a hermaphrodite allows them to self fertilize, so by having this ability,C-ferns can produce eggs when there is sperm, so they always have the ability to reproduce. Unlike hermaphrodites, having separate sexes does not always guarantee you a parter so there is not guarantee in reproduction. Cross fertilization and self fertilization are important when discussing variation. Cross fertilization allows for different


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