Carlsberg's Strategic Analysis

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Internal and External Analysis of Carlsberg Group
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Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 5 2 Introductory Chapter 6 2.1 Motivation 6 2.2 Research question 6 2.2.1 Sub questions 6 2.3 Interpretation 7 2.4 Delimitation 7 2.5 Method 8 2.5.1 Theories and models used in the project 8
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* What is the financial situation at the Carlsberg Company? * How is Copenhagen beer, as a part of light drinks SBU, performing on the market? * What strategic plan is Carlsberg implementing to reduce the decrease in beer consumption? * What is the current situation at brewery industry? * What are the potential competitors of Carlsberg and how do they influence decision- making in strategic planning? * What are the most significant factors influencing consumer’s behaviour while choosing beer? * How do the macro-environmental factors influence Copenhagen beer consumption and how do they affect the whole company?


Carlsberg is a Danish brewery company, that was founded in 1847 possessing success and popularity in Danish and international market.
Strategic actions are actions that were undertaken by Carlsberg Group towards achieving the intended objectives.
Market position is rationally defined place of the company compared to the competitors of this company that have a similar or can substitute the product we are looking at in this project.
Value-generating activities are such activities that bring value to the shareholders, help Carlsberg Company to develop competitive advantage and are defined in the value chain analysis.
Competitive advantage is the advantage that Carlsberg has over other competing parties in brewery industry and on Danish market.
Macro-environmental factors are external factors


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