Guidance for Centres and Course Tutors

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CIOB Awarding Organisation

Guidance for Centres and Course Tutors

CIOB Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies (QCF)
CIOB Level 4 Certificate in Site Management (QCF)
CIOB Level 4 Diploma in Site Management (QCF)

January 2014


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Qualifications Overview
Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)
The CIOB Awarding Organisation Management Committee (AOMC)
Course Administration


Centre Support


Marketing and Recruitment
Training and Development
Use of the Welsh and Irish (Gaeilge) Language
Welsh Language
Irish (Gaeilge) Language
CIOB Branch Support


Procedures for Course Tutors and
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Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)

Our qualifications are recognised under the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) providing an inclusive and flexible regulated qualification, thus providing a standard currency for learner achievement across the qualifications system through the award of credits when learners complete the required units.
Under the structure of the QCF access can be gained to:

Location of unit based qualifications under the framework
Achievement for a recognised award of credits through our qualifications
Identification of the level of achievement
Accumulate and transfer credits between QCF recognised qualifications and relevant awarding organisations 1.3

The CIOB Awarding Organisation Management Committee (AOMC)

The Awarding Organisation Management Committee (AOMC) was established under the specifications required by Ofqual in September 2010 to exercise effective control over awarding organisation functions and ensure regulatory compliance is maintained. The AOMC sets, monitors, reviews and evaluates CIOB Site Supervisory and Site Management qualifications under the
General Conditions of Recognition(Sept 2013) for Ofqual and the Qualifications and Credit Framework.
The AOMC reports to the Governing Body of the organisation. The CIOB Education Team coordinates and administers the qualifications and awarding organisation processes.
The AOMC monitors the systems and applications for Centre’s in


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