Community Health Nursing

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1. Public health systems are operating within a context of ongoing changes, which exert a number of pressures on the public health system. These changes include all of the following, except:

A. Health reforms

B. Existing and emerging environmental hazards

C. New technologies for health care

D. None of the above

2. In response to the changes of the times, the UN General Assembly adopted a vision of poverty reduction and sustainable development. This is exemplified in the Millenium Development goals, which include:

A. Reduce child mortality

B. Combat HIV/AIDs, malaria

C. Achieve universal primary education

D. All of the above

3. For over forty years after independence, the Philippine
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Distractions are minimized

21. When a patient visits the Health center to avail of services offered in the heath facility and for consultation on matters that ailed them physically, the client is showing initiative for health care. The first phase of this interaction is called the registration/admission. Arrange the following steps done during the first phase

i. Prepare the family record or retrieve the records.

ii. Perform physical exam on the client and record it.

iii. Greet the client and establish rapport

iv. Elicit and record client’s chief complaint and history

a. III, IV, II, I

b. III, I, IV, II

c. III, IV, I, II

d. III, I, II, IV

22. The Epidemiologic Triangle consists of 3 components: host, environment and agent. Which of the following is an Environmental factor? a. Pre-existing disease b. Heat, light, ionizing radiation c. Urbanization d. Immunologic Experience 23. The Public Health Nurse conducts a study on the factors contributing to the high prevalence of TB cases in her community. Which phase of epidemiology is she undertaking in this situation? A. Descriptive B. Analytical C. Experimental D. Evaluation

24. In epidemiology, this refers to the probability of contact between the source of infection and the susceptible host? A. Exposure Rate B.


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