Unbroken Dialectical Journals

1882 words 8 pages
Meghan Anderson
AP English 11
Unbroken Dialectical journals
Mrs. Vance

Pg 12- “In the back bedroom he could hear trains passing. Lying beside him sleeping brother, he’d listen to the broad, low sound: faint, then rising, faint again, then high, beckoning whistles, then gone. The sound of it brought goose bumps. Lost in longing, Louie imagined himself on a train, rolling into country he couldn’t see, growing smaller and more distant until he disappeared.”

Pg 25- “For several strides he hesitated. Then he saw the last curve ahead, and the sight slapped him awake. He opened up as fast as he could go.”

Pg 46- “At Hickam Field, soldiers were washing a car. On hula lane, a family was dressing for mass. At the
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Phillips character was introduced as not being very noticeable. Probably he was quiet and had a small figure. Phillips and Louie got along well because even though they are different Louie appreciated his companionship. The nickname shows that the other officers may not have respected him as much as Louie did.

This paragraph sets a scary yet powerful tone. It makes you stop and think of the amount of people who died fighting for our country. The imagery of the lost airmen and littered ocean floor added to the scary tone.

The imagery of the bombs and colors of the tracers helped the reader imagine what it looked like. Pillsbury related the colors and lights to Christmas. It was funny (not exactly funny) that something as terrible as an air raid in a war landed on day as pure and joyful as Christmas.

Staff Sergeant Frank Rosynek used similes to describe the scene as the base was bombed. It Is impossible for a person been in an air raid to wrap their mind around what it was like. However through description the reader can adapt a better understanding and connect to the vent. The image of the piano crashing really conveys the sound and chaos.

When the men crashed their plane into the pacific most of the crew died but of the survivors Phil was highest in command and he offered Louie the position. This sentence was a very broad making the reader question. Was he glad it was