Wobbly Wheels Distribution Center - IT Strategic Plan Part 1

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Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company

Part 1
Business IT Strategic Plan
According to Wobbly Wheels (WW) Distribution Company, their environment of operation is affected by several other business environment factors like the effects on its personnel and the technological implications of the system.
In developing a new IT strategic plan, Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company will have to consider the effects on its personnel. The new plan must be a morale booster rather than a demoralizing tool to the customers. The drivers are the most outspoken and good ambassadors to the company and the new system should provide them with extra motivation.
The company also considers the legal
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In this case, Carol should work closely with the Chief Finance Officer since all her projects will require financial assistance. John, the C.E.O on the other hand should play a supervisory role to ensure all targets are me.
Inventory of Current IT Projects
The company has the following projects still being developed: Accurate financial project, management reporting project, and a mobile application for the sales and marketing staff. You will see from the table below that that the main goal is to reduce man hours. More importantly, having accurate data readily available at the click of a button.
Current System Function/
Description Strategic Goal aligned to Business unit/ department Business Benefits IT Resources (people, equipment) off-the-shelf product Billing; to interface with other systems 100% accuracy, streamline process, meet compliance requirements, and reduce man hours finance and accounting The new system will allow for less mistakes in billing providing a more accurate financial The program will take 6 months. With 2 programmers. An Accurate Financial specialist will provide a 2 week training to the accounting staff. management reporting a system to compile the data in a format they can use Senior management will be able to view data easily (easier accessibility); reduce man