Life Coaching

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Course Syllabus

LIFC 302 Marriage Coaching

Course Description
An examination and analysis of professional coaching applications that serve marital relationship concerns. The course covers marital issues from a Christian worldview with special attention given to a biblical foundation of marriage coaching and differences between coaching and counseling models.

As a basis for their work, marriage coaches should have a thorough understanding of coaching models, theory, and application. This understanding serves to heighten the coaches’ effectiveness in formulating effective coaching strategies and in aiding in the delivery of advice in an efficient and timely
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Additionally, the student will post a reply (no less than 150 words) to at least 2 other classmates’ threads. This assignment meets A, B, C, D, E, and F. D. Movie Review
The student is expected to complete a Movie Review. The student will watch a movie of his/her choice with a strong marriage coaching theme and then complete a 2–3-page (not including title page) critique of the movie as it relates to the topic of marriage coaching. The student is to give particular attention to how the ideas presented in the movie may be used to coach individuals as they address life-changing challenges. The student must adhere to current APA format when writing the reviews. Further instructions for completion of these reviews can be found in the Assignment Instructions folder. This assignment meets A, B, C, D, E, and F. E. Article Review
For the Article Review Forum, the student will compose a thread and 2 replies in response to 2 other classmates’ threads. Threads are the student’s review of the article in the forum, and replies are the student’s response to a classmate’s thread. Each thread must be at least 350 words, and each reply must be at least 200 words. This assignment meets A, B, C, D, E, and F. F. Research Paper For this paper, the student will choose an issue or question that is of particular interest to him/her from one of the textbooks or course lectures and write a 10–12-page paper addressing the issue or


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