Trends That Will Influence the Future of Training

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Companies are providing training as a means to increase demand for their products and services in the competitive marketplace. Training programs' importance has been increasing. All companies try to increase programs' costs and effectiveness so they research new techniques. But they must develop programs with thinking the future. Solves which's effectiveness is short should not important for companies. They research new techniques which effectiveness continues long time. Analyzing future is ver important for success. To protect competitivenes has been gotten hard with globalization. Because of this reason, companies give big importance to training programs. Because they know that
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Overall, the economy of the developed world should continue to grow for the next 5 years or more. As outsourcing to other countries grows, the global economy will be more integrated. The strain of meeting diverse national regulatory requirements may prompt global corporations to lobby governments everywhere for greater standardisation.

A more knowledge-dependent business world will continue to drive the growth of the information industry. This will lead to increased training and specialisation throughout industry.

Existing management hierarchies may be displaced by information-based structures. These may be transient or virtual to support rapid product development lifecycles. In 2010, it is estimated that management levels will have halved and the number of managers will have dropped by 60%.[2] There is also a view that mid-sized companies could become obsolete as the big get bigger and the small survive by occupying market niches.

Consumers will demand greater social responsibility and accountability from businesses. Indirectly, the increasing transparency of operations and the vested value of global brands will support this drive. After explaining socio economic trens, we can write about future trends with thinking socio economic structure. The first one is about new techonologies. All of us know that techonology,computer with internet, changes the structure of century. World has been getting flattern. Using of


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