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The Business Plan for

Executive Summary

Manly’s restaurant sector seems to lack a restaurant that will provide consumers with an authentic Brazilian dining experience. Currently, most restaurants in the area meet the expected industry standards but lacks in the supply of high quality food, beverage and service originated from South America. La Barata will target that gap and launch a Brazilian cultural experience in the Manly area specialising in dining, cooking classes and entertainment.

La Barata is an innovative restaurant with the ground-breaking concept of combining dining and entertainment at the same time and place. The restaurant will be located at the wharf in Manly, thirty minutes from Sydney CBD.
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The purpose of our report is to create a business plan for a prospective Brazilian restaurant, the La Barata. The restaurant is to be located in Manly, north of Sydney. The scope of the business extends beyond food and beverages. La Barata creates a Brazilian experience through its cultural atmosphere, high quality food and authentic Brazilian service. The business comprises of cooking classes, a cooperative arrangement with a dance school in Manly to teach traditional and contemporary South American dance. La Barata provides guests with Brazilian entertainment, excellent dining and the opportunity to dance South American style. Our report is structured to respond to our purpose: to evaluate the viability of a new Brazilian concept restaurant in Manly. Each section contributes to addressing this focus:

• Section one critically assesses the macro and external environment to investigate if there is viability in the market for a Brazilian restaurant.

• Section two evaluates the business environment, focusing on future trends to examine what is required to plan ahead for.

• Section three describes the business concept, which has carefully been determined upon the research conducted in the previous sections.

• Section four elaborates on potential marketing strategies to successfully launch the new business.

Each section is concluded with a summary of implications from and conclusions to the analytical findings. In the final


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