The Effect of Temperature on the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Water Under Constant Pressure

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The Effect of Temperature on the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Water under Constant Pressure

Beijing World Youth Academy
Subject: Chemistry
Student name: YeiYoung Choo
Candidate number: 000791 011

January 21, 2009 Teacher Helen Xu
The Effect of Temperature on the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Water under Constant Pressure
(Evaluated for Design)

Research Question
What is the effect of temperature on the solubility of carbon dioxide gas in de-ionised water under constant pressure?

Introduction Temperature is known as one of the factors that affect the solubility of a gas in its solvent. Because the enthalpy of solution for gases dissolved in waters is usually
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12. Place the conical flask back to its position as shown previously in figure 1.
13. Repeat steps 4. to 9.
14. Repeat steps 10. to 13. to fill one more gas syringe so that three gas syringes containing the same gas are prepared.
15. Repeat steps 1. to 14. to produce ten more gas syringes filled with gas.

Part (b) Dissolving carbon dioxide in de-ionised water of 20°C
16. Fill 100mL of de-ionised water in a graduated beaker.
17. Check the temperature of the water with a thermometer inserted in it and if it is higher than 20°C, holding the beaker tilted, run cold tap water along the surface of the beaker to reach 20±1°C on the thermometer.
18. Get one of the gas syringes prepared in Part (a) and hold it inversely, very close to the de-ionised water in the beaker.
19. Remove the rubber stopper and immediately carry out the next step, as shown below in figure 2.
20. Put the mouth of the gas syringe into the water and pull the plunger to fill the 20mL of water so that the end of the plunger reads 60mL on the graduation of the gas syringe.

Figure 2. Diagrammic representation of how the gas syringe should be placed in the beaker containing de-ionised water to fill it with 20mL of water in addition to the 30mL of gas already filled in. pull gas syringe carbon dioxide gas de-ionised water de-ionised water being filled in pull gas syringe carbon dioxide gas


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