Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOTT Analysis BUS/475

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Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOTT Analysis
Eduardo Arellano
Dr. Tugtekin Gokaydin
Octuber 2nd, 2013

SWOTT examination is a crucial systematic device used for evaluating both the external and internal elements, which have an influence over the company. In existing business conditions a corporation uses SWOTT analysis to assess it market standing regarding share of the market, competitive edge, and complete feasibility. SWOTT examination offers a company upgraded information about its achieved and unachievable weaknesses, strengths, possible opportunities, dangers, risks, and business trends. The main elements of SWOTT examination can be split under the heads of external and internal elements
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(part one paper)
Internal Resources for the BARbershop
The internal resources include interaction within employees; brand loyalty. Interaction within employees and management; employee satisfaction. Interaction within management and interaction within management and shareholders; reputation for fairness. A comprehensive analysis is require of the BARbershop design, employee skills, system process, and strategies.
IT and innovation inspired the BARbershop desires to have an organizational design well delineate. This element allows in creating a procedure which supports effective working environment. Ineffective organizational shape will lead to bad organizational efficiency as well as worker growth. IT assist in decreasing operational expenses, save time, versatility, and decision making.
Core competencies
Core competency of the BARbershop is related with facilitation of quick, specific services utilize IT. As businesses are transforming greatly with differing market conditions the BARbershop will continue to upgrade its core competencies to have competitive edge over the competitors. This can be assisted through regular research carried out from the clients.
Systems process
The good point for the BARbershop is in managing the IT technology services in a manner that it will create higher profits through costs reductions as well as save time. Accomplishing this task, the


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