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Human Resource Management (Autumn Exam 2012) 2
1. Complete either a) or b) 2
A) Explain the Harvard Business School Model of model HRM? 2
b) Discuss the development of ‘Welfarism in the late 19th and 20th Centuries, and its influence on modern HR practice. 3
2. Complete either a) or b) 3
a) Describe the diagnostic approach to manpower planning 3
b) Discuss what is meant by HR Stocktaking 4
3. Complete either a) or b) 5
a) Discuss what is involved in the person specification phase of job analysis 5
b) Explain what competency frameworks are, and what what competences are typically included in such frameworks. 7
4. Complete either a) or b) 8
a) Explain either 4 interview errors and biases you are familiar with. 8
a) Discuss what
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2. Complete either a) or b)
a) Describe the diagnostic approach to manpower planning.

Manpower planning is the process of systematically forecasting the future demand and supply for employees and the deployment of their skills within the strategic objectives of the organisation. Manpower planning owed its importance to the importance of business strategy and planning in many organizations, the outcomes of a process that seeks to find a solution to a defined problem.plan. At its most basic level, human resource planning is concerned with ensuring that the organisation employs the right quantity of people with the (KSA) Knowledge Skills and Abilities that are required for effective organisation functioning, both now and for the future. This is no easy feat, however. Planning is difficult at the best of times, but in periods of sustained economic uncertainty, when organisations may not even know if they will be in business three months down the line.

Business strategy and plans find their expression in measurable financial, marketing and production targets with an implicit or explicit demand for people. The manpower plan represents a response by the personnel function to ensure that the necessary supply of people is forthcoming to allow the targets to be met. The manpower plan is expressed to fit the overall business strategy and plan, showing how the demand for people and their skills within an organization can be balanced by supply.


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