Culture of Proctor and Gamble

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Our Values and Policies


P&G Our Values and Policies

P&G Our Values and Policies


Table of Contents
Introduction Letter from the CEO Hierarchy of Company Ethics Principles Our Purpose Our Values Our Principles Our Policies A. Respect of Government and the Law 1. Compliance With Legal Requirements 2. Accuracy of Company Books and Records • Books and Records • Disclosure Controls • Internal Controls 3. Securities Trading 4. Antitrust Policy and Compliance Guidelines 5. Lobbying 6. Political Contributions and Related Policies 7. Transacting International Business B. Respect in the Workplace 1. Behavior in the Workplace 2. Child Labor and Worker Exploitation 3. Wage and Hour Practices 4. Safety, Health and Environmental • Employee
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Examples: • Environmental Quality Policy • Policies of Personal Behavior in the Workplace

Operating Policies/Procedures/Practices3
Definition: Administrative procedures and expectations necessary for the operation of Company systems and internal controls designed to implement Company positions. Examples: • Expense accounts should be submitted within 7 days from the return from a trip (flows from the Company's Policy Statement on Accuracy of Company's Records)

Operating Policies Procedures Practices3

Worldwide Business Conduct Standards2

Worldwide Business Conduct Standards2
Definition: An expression of specific Company policy Statements as they relate to the standards of individual behavior expected of each and every employee.

Implementing Systems & Internal Controls

Examples: • Do Not engage in discrimination or harassment • Do report immediately if you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against (flows from the Company's Policy Statement on Harassment/Discrimination)

Implementing Systems & Internal Controls

present, this booklet is the most complete and up to date compilation of the Company's Policy Statements. Conduct Standards address specific


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