Marketing Strategy Report of Panda Restaurant Group

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Marketing Strategy Report of Panda Restaurant Group

As the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company in U.S., main business of Panda Restaurant Group Inn. covers 39 states or region. In the period of fast expansion, PRG always keeps its traditional features and carries out the modern corporation management. However, PRG also faces so many challenges caused by diverse cultures and market changes. This research provides marketing strategies for PRG after the analysis of External Environment Trends, Internal Analysis and Consumer Behavior.

Key Words: External Environment Trends, Consumer Behavior,
Market Segmentation, Target Segment, SWOT analysis,
4P analysis.

1.1 Mission Statement:
“Deliver exceptional
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It is no doubt that the restaurant industry give a great contribution to American job market. Expectedly, the industry will get the continuous support by U.S. government and other sectors of society.

The report also provides the sales growth rate among different states in U.S., in 2011, the region which has the highest sales growth rate is South Atlantic. In this area, North Carolina gets the 4.2% on sales and become the top of the nation. New England just gains 2.8% on sales so that it become the state which with most weak growth rate.

Based on the report of NRA, we can find some not only important but also interesting trends on the back of data as well. The report presents that over two out of five adults are not dining on-premises or using take-out as often as they would like. Basically, adults own enough skill to do cooking by themselves in their diet life compare to other groups. Certainly adults always face the more serious pressures of living and deteriorating health, these elements cause they start to decrease the numbers of spending on restaurants. The manager should regard the trend as a potential threat for the whole industry and offer solutions as soon as possible.

Other one is the proportion of restaurants who agree that the social-media tools will become more important marketing tools in the future continues to grow since 2007. Most of them are glad to accept the media’s interviews


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