Theoretical Perspectives and Research

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Modern, post-modern, critical theory and symbolic-interpretive are four different perspectives that provides different ways to analyse and understand organisations, however this essay shall focus on two perspectives, namely the modern and critical theory. These two perspectives have different views on concepts that might appear similar, thus this essay shall examine the different stands they each take. Concepts that can be examined include, power, control and conflict, organisational structures, organisations culture and organisation and its environment. This essay shall closely examine how the two perspectives have different views on the subject on power, control and conflict pertaining to the different ways to analyse and
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Managers who achieve the performance standards should be rewarded by promotions; bonuses while those who don’t shall be let go (Crowther & Green, 2008).

Bureaucratic control can be related to an organisation structure, it is dependent on the presence of a legitimatized hierarchy of authority so as to administer bureaucratic mechanisms to closely supervise and direct subordinates. Based on Coca-Cola review, the company utilizes audit as a form of bureaucratic control mechanism. The company’s audit committee is responsible to ensure the integrity of their financial statements, evaluating its internal audit function and overseeing their internal financial controls. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2008)

However, critical theory questions the right for control and apparently condemns the ethically breaching mechanisms. The two theories that identified the ensnaring mechanisms applied by the powerful are the Hegemony and the Labour Process Theory (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006). Crowther and Green (2008) states that ‘hegemony is a complex web of conceptual and material arrangements generating the very fabric of everyday life.’ Hegemony refers to the way values and practices of an institution or culture aligns with, maintaining existing systems of power and wealth (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006). An example can come from Coca-Cola code of business conduct, guides actions of employees in a way that is consistent with


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