on Kenworth Motors’ case

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1. Introduction
This report is commissioned to evaluate the presentation on Kenworth Motors’ case studies. The presentation examined the issue faced by Kenworth Motors, a major large vehicle sales and rental company, in light of the change of management in some key sectors. Kentworth has been profiting for the past decade. However, after the adjustment in the management team, some conflicts began to arise in management level. The managing director of Kenworth Motors Robert Denton had problems in cooperating with the procurement manager and human resource manager. The OD consultant was introduced in this scenario to identify the causes of the issues and to find possible solutions.
In the presentation, the issue was discussed from the
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since the new managers were not well-informed of the specific goals intended by the organization’s decision maker, they were not likely to carry out steps as expected. Therefore, the consistency and clarification of the goal should be assessed by the OD consultant.
Task structure and team functioning have been assessed by the OD. But the research did not examine the quality of group dynamics among members such as the interaction methods and communication of team members. Other factors such as group composition and performance norms are also expected to be studied by the OD consultant. Accordingly, data collection and analysis should be made on the basis of product or service quality, productivity, team cohesiveness and work satisfaction. Through techniques such as individual interview and questionnaire, data reflecting the effectiveness of change management at organizational level can be acquired.
From the perspective of individual level, the OD consultant should focus on components including skill variety, task identify, task significance, autonomy and feedback about results (Michael and John 1984 p.257). It is obvious from the case account that the OD consultant placed much less attention to individual diagnosis. For example, an important fact concerning the variation of expertise within the two new managers was not indicated by the report submitted to Dundon. This is a crucial to explain the underlying cause for the low effectiveness of