Moods of Norway

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Moods of Norway case indicated many interesting issues relating to brand management study. In this paper, first, we outline two key challenges that Moods are facing, then analyze the brand based on CBBE pyramid, and finally suggest two marketing programs that the company should invest.

1. Key challenges

The first challenge facing Moods of Norway is expanding the business to U.S. This is always a profitable but risky opportunity for every firm, including Moods of Norway. The company with “free styling” wants to “just go to the U.S. and see what happens” (Austin, O’Donnell, and Krogh 2009, 15). However, U.S. market – one of the most difficult markets in the world – has many implicit challenges for Moods. Firstly, their brand is unknown
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It seems that Moods has not pay much attention to customer service. This could be a shortcoming point for Moods to perform well in the highly competitive market like US market.

Brand Imagery

Brand imagery links mainly to four intangible aspects (Keller 2008, 65). First, in term of user profiles, some 70% of Moods’ customers are male. While company is interested in expanding the age range, the target customers are at age of 18 – 35. However, Moods is facing a dilemma that “a balance needed to be maintained between broadening their target group and remaining a “cool” brand (Austin, O’Donnell, and Krogh 2009, 13). Second, regarding purchase and usage situations, Moods’ products are nearly limited with T-shirts and suits but cover a wide range of situations that people can wear. The situations are suggested by the company’s three original clothing lines, which are “cocktails,” “street” and “casual.” Moreover, the designers also make effort of generating new ideas by imagining scenarios requiring special clothes. Third, Moods brand has a favorable personality that is cool, fun, and happy. This also creates values for customers that they have the feeling of connecting to their clothes in each situation. Finally, Moods of Norway does very well in using history, heritage to create the uniqueness for their products. Moods’ clothing lines tell their “authentic, true and real” story of Norwegians heritage. The story layers have great value in getting


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