Characteristics of Research

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Characteristics of Research Problems

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October 2013

Characteristics of Research Problems
A research problem is a statement that provides the context for a research study. As stated by Brewer & Hughes, (2005) “Research problems indicate gaps in the scope or the certainty of our knowledge (Brewer & Hughes, 2005, p. 39).” They point to problematic phenomena, observed events that are puzzling in terms of our currently accepted ideas, or current ideas that are challenged by new hypotheses (Dissertation101 Mentoring Services, 2013). The
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Underlying sub-problems. Often times, research problems are too significant or very complicated be solved without breaking them down into smaller parts. The parts of the big problem are known as the sub-problems. The sub-problems make up a researchable component that will form together to equal the summation of the main problem. Division of the main problem is the fourth characteristic of formal research (Leedy & Ormrod, 2005). Presenting a hypothesis or research questions. The researcher must prepare a hypothesis related to the expectations what will be true of the results and conclusions of the study. The research problem, the goals, and the associated research questions and/or hypotheses are entwined in that a research goal is the main focus of the research that will be used to speak to the problem. Additionally, research questions help to simplify the goals into definite questions that the researcher would like answered (Creswell, 2005). According to Leedy and Ormrod (2005) by obtaining the answers to the research questions, the goals of the research will be satisfied and an impact regarding solving the problem has been made (Leedy & Ormrod, 2005). There has to be a recognizable association between the answers to the research questions and the research problem motivating the study (Ellis & Levy, 2008).
A Problem Statement is based on a thorough review of the


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