Kids Wear Industry

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Kids-Wear Industry

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The overall apparels industry in India has shown an almost 14 percent growth. Kids apparels is growing at a fast rate in India today.
With a growth rate of around 4.5 percent, it accounts for almost 20 percent of the overall apparels market. 88 percent of kids wear is readymade and thus brands have only been able to corner 12 percent. This leaves tremendous potential for international players to enter the market. The higher levels of incomes and kids being more informed due to media are some of the reasons for the growth of kids wear in the market.

The other reason is that 30 percent of the population in
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These 2 make up 15% of the selling influence.

Media also plays a big role in the influence of sales of kidswear –
Print media, advertisements and articles – 30% (the most effective in sales influence)
Magazines – 15%
Dailies – 15%
Roadside hoardings – 25%
Road shows – 15%

Distribution Networks & Formats

There are two types of distribution network:-
The first is the direct manufacturer to the retailer and the second is manufacture to intermediaries and then to a retailer.
The boom in the kidswear has led to increased retailing across most outlets. While multibrand outlets are the most preferred stores for kidswear, department stores carry the widest range across all the three segments that is infants children, and tweens.

These retail outlets for kidswear are in the different formats given below
Mom and Pop Stores
Specialty stores
Department stores
MBO – Multi Brand Outlet
Franchise Outlet.

Internet retailing – Though it has become one of the fastest growing methods of business, but then also internet selling of clothing is not a choice many people because of the feel and touch side of selling these goods is not present via the internet. In buying clothes especially for kids, customers like to try out their clothes and like to feel the fabric of the garments they try. This is one of the major issues in selling kidswear from the internet selling.
SWOT Analysis



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